BodynBrain Class-Taichi

” I Love the Body & Brain Yoga and Taichi practice, because it is an all over Body, Mind, and Spirit adjustment. It really gets everything vibrating at a higher level by the time you are done class. Edward and Shine both bring a really great atmosphere to each class, making it a fun and upbeat environment. I wish I could pick just one thing that was my favorite, but I find it ALL beneficial, beautiful, and perfect, my whole Being feels super uplifted and happy at the end of every class. I love it all, and so does my family.
The benefits I have found from the class, has been the moving through of trapped energy in the body, I remember my very first class I was quite emotional from it, and that was only a demonstration, but that is how amazing and effective the class WAS! I really enjoyed knowing that my body still had things to loosen up and work through, and to be able to flush it out with a continued practice of this amazing class.
I would highly recommend the Body & Brain Yoga and Taichi to anyone and everyone! It is lots of fun, you learn how to move your body in gentle ways, and you really get to have the Body and Brain connection.
It is a beautiful combination of everything, we even get to enjoy some deep belly laughter at the end of each class! HA HA HA! 🙂 ”

Octavia   –  Langford, Victoria, BC